Lord & Master Of All He Surveys

Revd Frank Coleman (Vicar of All Saints Church): dr.frankcoleman@gmail.com


Mrs Lindsay Evans: churchwardenlindsay@gmail.com

Mrs Jill Little: jillianlittle@tiscali.co.uk

Parish Reader

Mrs Bernie Parsons: b.parsons69@btinternet.com

Mothers Union

Please contact the Vicar

Flower Guild

Mrs Nita Best: nitaandchris@btinternet.com

Parish Mascot

Mr Brian Marshall brianmarshall163@hotmail.com

Parish Safeguarding Officer

Mrs Julie Smith: julie@mastronik.com 07875 688182

Useful Links

Here are some useful links for different things in our community and within the Benefice of Caldecote, Northill and Old Warden. If you would like to be included on this page please email me with details and we will see what we can do.


Caldecote Academy

Northill Lower School

Northill Parish Council

Old Warden Parish Council

Shuttleworth College

East Beds Youth Choir


We would like to include a Link to G&M Growers as a small way of saying thank you to them for all their kindness and support over many years.


And last but definitely not least a huge thank you to my friend Mr Andrew Miller of Aflame Candles who has helped me so much in putting this site together and only sighed occasionally at my incompetence!