Dog on Holiday

16th September

Thankfully the website problems seem now to be fixed. In case you come here and find it looks exactly the same as the week before, then refreshing the page should sort this out. I know that this does sometimes happen, but this is not something I can fix and is a problem with the servers of the company that hosts the website.

I understand that there was a mix-up with the taxi service for the Thursday morning service. Sigh. Such things never used to happen when Alison was Churchwarden. The Tall Churchwarden sent me a photo of some lovely flowers which came to our church from a wedding at Old Warden. Not sure of the full story but they are certainly lovely.


Talking of flowers, I continue to potter around in the garden carrying out random acts of vandalism, not really knowing what I am doing, but some of the beauty there I haven't, as yet, completely destroyed.


This particular flower seems to have wire attached to it, but I can't see where to turn it on, as it disappears through the fence behind. Life is so mysterious. I am not the only one who wanders aimlessly around the garden here. I seem to have a constant procession of four footed visitors, all of whom find the bird bath and fountain endlessly fascinating.


This one got annoyed with the fountain and tried to attack it.

Apart from having a plumber here to sort out some problems with the radiators, it's generally been a quiet week, which has enabled me to get out for a couple of walks around Poppy Hill in Henlow in the lovely sunshine. I'm doing as my doctor tells me and getting both rest and exercise so that must be good.

Stay well and safe everyone.

9th September

Problems, such problems. This website can be a total nightmare and when I had finished last Saturday, this page crashed and I have spent quite a lot of the week, on and off, trying to fix it without success. I tried the big hammer but that didn't work and in the end I had to press the Big Red Button. So, although this page looks the same as it did before, I'm afraid it is new and everything before today has disappeared into the nether realms of Cyberspace.

The Parish Photographer kindly sent me some snaps of last Sunday and I understand congratulations are in order to Linda, who won second prize in a competition for her Flower Arrangement.


Well done Linda. that is absolutely gorgeous. Everything else from what I can see looks fairly usual (I can't use the word "normal" obviously).


DThe Churchwardens plotting and everyone else lounging around and drinking coffee. All just as I remember it. do take a look at the Latest News Page for details about some forthcoming events.

My week has been much improved by the weather, which I have absolutely loved. I've made some progress in ruining the garden and on Wednesday night was treated to a belated birthday meal by some friends, which was very enjoyable. A routine win 3-0 against Aston Villa certainly helped. I braved the heat and went for a walk around Poppy Hill in Henlow again. It was just as quiet as it was last time, but I was treated to a very tranquil scene, before almost being tipped into the river by a jogger. Sigh.


If you ever need to learn how to stand completely still and silent (at least one Churchwarden should take careful notice) study a Little Egret. The fish didn't stand a chance.

While threatening the website during the week in my Study, something very scary indeed was going on over the road from me.


As these guys were Plumbers, I imagine that they were installing taps on the roof of the house opposite, but why they should be doing this is quite beyond me. Anyway, that is enough from this Nosey Parker for today.

Stay well and safe everyone.