Dog on Holiday


15th June

Just a few random bits and pieces this week, as I haven't heard much from church. I believe Chris' first Sunday at Church went really well and that is such good news. As the usual Sound Engineer was away, Siggy stepped into the breach and apparently one of the discs wouldn't play 🙄 I'm so pleased that it was a peaceful, normal Sunday at All Saints for Chris. Sigh.

In her role of intrepid explorer, Lindsay was away in the South with her parents and during the week sent me a photo of Arundel Cathedral, which she dragged her parents to see.


Looks a lovely building. I've never been inside, but have seen it a number of times in the distance, as I played cricket in Arundel, back in the days of my youth. Your Random Cathedral moment.

Judy kindly sent me an update about Ethiopia. Here are two pictures of students that All Saints has helped.

Judy writes: "Sewnet (the boy) wants to be an astronomer, and Tsinat would like to be a heart specialist doctor. They can only afford school thanks to All Saints congregation paying their fees" This is just wonderful isn't it.

Here at the Chateau I feel as though I have made some progress in the garden in between all the showers. However, during the week a new resident moved in and turned the garden into a campsite.


Her name is Poppy and she strategically placed her tent next to the bird feeder. A little later in the day she went inside and fell asleep🤦‍♂️

Stay well and safe everyone

8th June

Where to begin? Well with the most important thing of the week seems like a good idea. I am reliably informed that the most  wonderful event that has happened this week is the prettification of the Toilets and Lobby area in the Church Rooms.



Moving on to what seems rather more important to me, Lindsay sent me some photos from Chris' Licensing on Tuesday evening. Here are the two Churchwardens with Chris. Thankfully, at least Chris and Jill put some effort into what they wore for the occasion. Sigh.


I hear that everything went really well and very smoothly. Such events are always nerve-wracking for those who organise them. I couldn't be more pleased that it all turned out so well. I'm sure that huge thanks should be expressed to Lindsay and Jill who masterminded the operation and to so many people who helped with everything that needed to be done. You should all feel very proud indeed. It seems like it was a wonderful welcome for Chris and his family.

On Thursday there was a special Commemoration of the 80th Anniversary of D Day at the Fellowship Service.


Another very important day marked by All Saints.

On Monday, I and a number of people from church attended the funeral of Alfred Levy at Bedford Crematorium. Chatting afterwards, we all agreed that the service was beautifully done. Alfred was a lovely man and will be very much missed. Our love and prayers are still with Susan and her family.

Here at the Chateau nothing much has changed. I'm still struggling on trying to do a few bits and pieces in the garden. I did have an unexpected visitor though on Thursday.


This Scarlet Tiger Moth was fast asleep in the hallway. They are day-flying moths and usually prefer damp conditions. As I hadn't had a disaster with the washing machine this week, I was somewhat surprised to see it. Very attractive though I thought.

Stay well and safe everyone.

1st June

All I have this week are further adventures of our intrepid Cathedral hoppers. Dedication to duty is very impressive here. I'm not sure that you will be able to stand the excitement, but we have not one but two Cathedrals to feature this week. Firstly a truly gorgeous photo of S. Paul's in London.


Linda I and Nicki visited here for Evensong recently, while in London. Linda sent me a number of photos and they are all really good. I haven't been to S. Paul's for many years and seeing these has made me want to go again soon.

The second Cathedral visited this week is Ely Cathedral, where Lindsay continued her pilgrimage.


This one I am rather suspicious about, as I happen to know which day the visit took place. It never stopped raining all day and as you will see there is not a raindrop in sight in the picture. I suspect that considerations of not getting one's hair wet overcame the desire to get a good photo and a bit of subterfuge has gone on here. Hmm... 🤨

A little news has made its way to me from church this week. It involves the theft of the Lectionary. Apparently Brian was asked to cover a reading and then the lectionary disappeared.


Sadly this will surprise no one. Sigh.

I know that the church has been a hive of activity during this last week as so much has been done to prepare for the Licensing of the new priest next Tuesday. I do hope this all goes wonderfully well and would like to wish Chris and his family every happiness and blessing.

Stay well and safe everyone.